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How to Pump Water From a Lake for Irrigation

Jun 6, 2024

By webfx

As a homeowner, you take immense pride in your property’s lush grass and gardens. However, your yard requires a healthy water supply to create the picturesque landscape you desire. This water can come from various places, such as a home well, but that setup could be cost-prohibitive if you need larger volumes. If you want to save money on your monthly utilities, using a nearby lake for all your irrigation applications could be the perfect solution. 

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to pump water from a lake successfully. 

Check Local Regulations

Lakes come in all shapes and sizes. Some occur naturally, while others are purpose-built for irrigation applications. If you have a lake on your property, you’re likely free to start pumping for whatever project you have in mind. However, if you’re considering using a nearby lake on town or state land, you’ll want to read up on local regulations to ensure you adhere to various codes and restrictions for accessing that water. In some cases, you may have to secure a permit before you can begin. 

Find the Right Irrigation Pump 

Matching your irrigation pump to your application is crucial to getting the most out of your equipment. These pumps transport water below the lake’s surface to your designated area. Doing this requires a specific pressure flow rate and head value to ensure the pump has the performance capacity to fulfill your needs. 

Irrigation pumps are built in four configurations — submersible, jet, centrifugal and propeller. Which one you’ll need depends on a variety of factors, including: 

  • Location of the water source. 
  • Depth and distance the water needs to travel. 
  • Property size and layout.
  • Required priming method.

Give Your Yard the Water It Needs

With the right lake water pump, you can start giving your grass, flowers or crops the water they need to thrive. Pump installation is a straightforward process made easier with included product instructions and assembly guides. These units are built with straightforward inlet and outlet pipe attachments for seamless connection to piping and sprinkler systems. After following the setup directions, prime your pump by filling it with water to prepare it for use. 

Pump Lake Water Using Zoeller Products

Pumping lake water for irrigation is easy with a Zoeller pump. We offer a variety of below-ground irrigation pumps built from rugged cast iron to supply homeowners with durable, long-lasting solutions. Our systems have the strength and efficiency to meet your irrigation requirements and keep your yard in extraordinary condition. 

Locate a Zoeller retailer in your neck of the woods today!