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Irrigation Pump Buyers Guide

Sep 22, 2023

By webfx

An irrigation pump system draws water from a nearby source and moves it through an irrigation or sprinkler system. Its consistent water flow lets homeowners maintain healthy, lush lawns while saving time and money.

Investing in a water irrigation pump eliminates the need to nourish your lawn by hand and can reduce your monthly water bills. Purchasing the right irrigation pump for your yard is essential because it ensures the pump can move water at the necessary pressure and distance.

What Is an Irrigation Pump?

Irrigation pumps move water from a water source to a below-ground irrigation or sprinkler system. They supply water to certain areas that need regular watering to nourish deep roots and support healthy lawns. They do this by delivering water to sprinkler heads to sustain grass and flowerbeds.

How Do Irrigation Pumps Work?

An irrigation pump pumps water from a water source such as a pond, lake or stream to a higher level until the water is able to access a home’s sprinkler or irrigation system through channels. Centrifugal irrigation pumps are the most common pump type for domestic irrigation, and they use a rapidly spinning impeller to generate a suction force that moves water.

Benefits of an Irrigation Pump

The main benefit of an irrigation pump is that it provides sprinkler and irrigation systems with a consistent water supply so property owners can maintain beautiful, lush landscapes and enjoy the following additional advantages:

A Healthy Lawn

An irrigation pump’s steady stream allows sprinkler systems to water plants and lawns evenly. Installing an irrigation pump ensures all of your flowers and greenery receive the same amount of water, which is the healthiest way to nourish a lawn. An irrigation pump helps plants and grass grow healthy and strong because it lets the sprinkler water reach them directly at the roots.

Conserving Water, Time and Money

Irrigation pumps are also environmentally friendly and could save you time and money. Since they provide a steady, even water flow, they help homeowners conserve resources. Using an irrigation pump can help you conserve water and reduce your monthly water bill while also saving you time by eliminating the need to water your lawn by hand.

How to Install an Irrigation Pump

Irrigation pumps are fairly easy to install, but it’s essential to follow the product’s instructions and safety guidelines. If you experience any installation challenges, such as missing parts, contact the manufacturer for support. It’s also beneficial to hire a professional if you feel you need installation help or if you’re working with a challenging or complex property layout.

Before an irrigation pump can operate, you must prime it. Fill your pump with water to remove any air according to the product instructions, and make sure the inlet line and pump cavity are both full.

Types of Irrigation Pumps

Different types of irrigation pumps operate differently and serve various purposes. The following pump types are ideal for different applications:

  • Submersible: Submersible pumps are suitable for pressure-boosting applications, and they operate underwater.
  • Propeller: Propeller pumps are smaller than other types and move large water amounts at low heads.
  • Jet: Jet pumps work best for areas with fluctuating water levels.
  • Centrifugal: Centrifugal pumps are ideal for residential turf irrigation applications. They can draw water from a wide variety of sources, such as lakes, streams, ponds or municipal water supplies. They also operate in various conditions and deliver consistent flow rates.

How to Choose the Right Irrigation Pump

Choosing the right irrigation pump ensures it can move enough water from the necessary depth to reach your lawn. The right irrigation pump for your yard depends on the following factors:

  • The type of water source, such as a well, lake or spring
  • The location of the water source on the property
  • The depth and distance the irrigation pump needs to pump the water from the water source to the sprinkler system
  • The required pressure flow rate, which depends on your property’s size and layout
  • The priming method the irrigation system requires

Knowing the type of water source your pump will pull from and how far that source is located from your lawn can help you determine the type of irrigation pump your home needs. Before investing in an irrigation pump, consider the following features:

  • Head value or vertical lift: Head value is also known as vertical lift or water pumping depth, and it determines how high a pump can lift water. It’s essential to choose a pump that can lift the water high enough to reach your irrigation system.
  • Pressure flow rate: A pump’s flow rate indicates how many gallons per minute (GPM) it can pump. You can determine how much water your yard needs based on its size. A lower pressure flow rate can supply an adequate amount of water to smaller lawns, while larger lawns need pumps with higher pressure flow rates.

Zoeller at Home’s Irrigation Pumps

Zoeller at Home offers high-quality below-ground irrigation pumps. Choose from the following options to maintain your lawn’s green, lush beauty:

1-½ HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump

Zoeller at Home’s 1-½ HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump can pump water as far as 25 feet and supply water for up to 15 spray heads and up to seven rotary heads. This irrigation pump can pump 62 gallons of water per minute.

2 HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump

Similar to the 1-½ HP irrigation pump, the 2 HP Cast Iron Irrigation Pump can pump water up to 25 feet. However, it has a higher GPM, allowing it to supply more water for larger lawns. This irrigation pump model can pump 75 gallons of water per minute for up to 30 spray heads and up to 20 rotary heads.

Benefits of Zoeller at Home’s Irrigation Pumps

Zoeller at Home’s irrigation pumps are made of cast iron, making them incredibly durable and long-lasting. Zoeller at Home constructs and tests each pump to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.

Every irrigation pump also comes with an easy-to-follow quick-start guide for installing your new unit at home.

Maintain Your Lawn With a Quality Irrigation Pump From Zoeller at Home

Irrigation pumps supply water to irrigation and sprinkler systems, helping homeowners nourish their lawns deeply at the root level. With an irrigation pump, you can maintain a lush, healthy property while saving time and reducing monthly water bills.

Zoeller at Home offers durable irrigation pumps to supply your home’s irrigation or sprinkler system with the water it needs for consistent watering capabilities. Locate a retailer near you to invest in the right irrigation pump for your lawn.