Works perfect – 1/3 HP Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump

Out of the box and running in 5 minutes. Seems very heavy duty, like the float protector bar. I would buy again.



Saved us!

Our sewage pump went out the day before we needed to leave on vacation and no pumpers could make it out so my husband did it himself and it was actually pretty easy and it’s still working like a charm!



sump pump

Replaced pump with toggle switch which stuck off and on. Much better operation with this pump plus I like the fact it has a cast body. I think this one will be around for awhile.



Zoeller Pumps are the best!

No doubt this is the best pump for home use around. I know I will have this pump for more than twenty years, just like my last Zoeller.



I am thrilled with my Zoeller 3/4 HP Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump. I installed it just one year ago and it has run every day without any problems. Living on solar means I needed an efficient pump that I could run on 110vac and this pump has proved itself. I highly recommend this pump.


The Zoeller 1/2 HP 120-Volt Cast Iron Sewage Pump is so easy to install. I’ve only been using a few weeks and its been working great with no problems. I highly recommend this pump.


Zoeller rocks the model 63 of its 1/3 HP Cast Iron Sump Pump. This pump is heavy duty, quiet and durable. I just bought this model to replace my M53 from the last 7 years, as a preventative measure due to all the rain we have had this spring. Love the green LED to let me know it has juice. I can say that Zoeller pumps will last longer than any other. 5 year warranty, this thing is a Beast! The upgraded propeller and enhanced float bubble sold me. Remember to drill a hole in your PCV pipe for air flow and pay the extra money for a silent check valve. I rest easy at night now, knowing my finished basement will not be a pond. Well done Zoeller, well done!!


I bought the Zoeller 2-HP Cast Iron Lawn Pump and was surprised how quiet the pump is. I previously owned a loud lawn pump that only lasted 6 months plastic impeller went bad. I bought the 2hp pump because parts list shows the 2 hp pumps are the only ones that have brass impellers installed in them other horsepower pumps have plastic impellers which wear quickly on other brands. The performance is outstanding. I had to adjust sprinkler heads because it has so much power I started to water the road! Installation was quick and easy and I love the cast iron casing. The quality is outstanding.


The Zoeller 1/2 HP Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump is a workhorse. We’ve had record rains in PA and live at the bottom of a large hill. We’ve ran this pump for two weeks straight from the sump basin and it has kept our garage/basement completely dry. With keeping it on all the time, I was afraid to see our electric bill but it’s efficiency has not made nearly the impact I had anticipated. Highly recommend.



After my basement flooded recently, I needed a new pump in a hurry. This one is a little more powerful than the previous one and its working fantastic! It pumps the water out fast so it runs a little less than the last one. I’m a fan of the secondary switch just in case the main float gets gunked up. Highly recommend!


No more foundation water!

Had issues with water under my house. Installed this with some corregated pipe and haven’t had a problem since.



I purchased the Zoeller 1/3 Cast Iron Sewage Pump as a replacement and it is working great. I had a I few rocks fall in the tub during installation. I can say the Zoeller pump is pushing them up and out can hear them rattle in the pipe going out to the street. This is a residential installation and is very fast to assemble, install and get water flowing. Highly recommend.