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How to Test If Your Sump Pump Is Working Properly

Feb 2, 2023

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how to test if you sump pump is working properly

An important investment for any homeowner with a basement or crawl space is to own a functioning, high-quality sump pump. Sump pumps are essential to ensuring that your home and assets are safe in case of a flood, and they can also save you a significant amount of money, effort and time in the long run. That is why it’s so important to ensure that your sump pump functions properly.

What Is a Sump Pump and Why Is It Important?

sump pump is a piece of equipment in homes responsible for pumping any excess water out of your home and away from the foundation. The sump pump will pump the water from the basement sump pit out and away from the house. A well-functioning sump pump is even more essential in houses that are at a higher risk of flooding.

Even just a little bit of unwanted water in your basement can bring about significant damage to your home. When water gets into your basement, walls or foundation, it can also lead to several other issues such as mildew and mold. That is why it is essential to test your sump pump often to make sure it’s working correctly.

How Do I Know If My Sump Pump Is Working?

There are a few things you’ll need to check to establish whether your sump pump is working. Here are 6 easy steps for you to test if your sump pump is working:

Step 1: Locate Your Outlet Pipe

The outlet or exit pipe is usually located outside of your home. The outlet pipe is a pipe through which the water flows from the sump pump away from your home. Because the outlet pipe is responsible for draining the water out to the exterior of your house, it’s important to check that the pipe is directing the water far away from the foundation.

Step 2: Inspect the Outlet Pipe

You’ll also want to make sure that there is no visible damage to your outlet pipe. Be sure to check for any clogs from ice, debris or dirt. If you do find clogs in the pipe, remove them if possible or move the pipe. By checking that the pipe is clear, you can ensure it efficiently directs the water away from your home.

Step 3: Examine the Sump Pump

The next step is to thoroughly inspect your sump pump, which is located in the basement or crawlspace of your home. You can remove the sump pit lid and use a flashlight to examine the basin’s interior for any debris or clogs. If you find any clogs or debris, be sure to remove them.

Step 4: Test Your Sump Pump With Water

You can also test if your sump pump is working by pouring about five gallons of water into your pump’s basin. The pump should kick on when the float is activated.

how to test your sump pump

Step 5: Locate the Float

It’s important to note that not all sump pumps have the same type of float. If your sump pump has a tethered float inspect the float to make sure that it can move free of obstructions. Inspecting the float is essential in testing a sump pump because the float determines whether the pump switches on when the water reaches a specific level.

Step 6: Test the Battery Back-Up

Battery-operated pumps can be very beneficial, especially in severe weather when you need your sump pump the most. If you don’t yet have a battery back-up sump pump, you may want to consider investing in one. And if you do have one already, you’ll want to know how to test your sump pump battery back-up to ensure it’s working. You can test a battery back-up sump pump in the same way as a regular sump pump. However, you’ll want to keep an eye on its battery life. You can check the status of the battery life by regularly checking the battery indicator light.

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A high-quality sump pump is a valuable investment in your home and could save you a lot of money and time in the future. Make sure that you are always protected from any possible water damage to your home and valuables with an effective sump pump. With the right sump pump and back-up system, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your home will be protected if disaster strikes.

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